Our Friendly, Professional and Approachable Team of Instructors

These are the Yoga instructors that will be teaching your Yoga classes in 2016. Each and every one of them is highly skilled and experienced, but just as important: they are always friendly and approachable.

Amy Chambers

Amy chambers

Amy joined us in 2011 for the fitness side of the Healthy Options programme and is back this year by popular demand. Amy grew up in Cyprus; it was there that her love of water sports and triathlons began. During university, she competed in the British Triathlon Championships and then went on to teach water sports. For the last nine years, Amy has taught kite-surfing, windsurfing, and diving in various locations around the world. Throughout this time, her love of all things fitness-orientated has continued to grow; she has completed her Level 2 Gym Instructor and holds various swimming and aqua qualifications. Throughout this season, Amy will be teaching Body Sculpt, Swiss Ball, Hydro Fit and swim technique classes. She will also be running SUP fitness sessions and taking you on power walks and runs around Vassiliki. If that’s not enough to get your heart rate going, Amy will also be available to give those who are interested some beginner windsurfing tuition or 1-1  swimming lessons. Amy has a wonderfully fun and realistic approach to fitness and loves teaching at all levels. But don’t worry, she won’t be enrolling anyone in a boot camp, after all, our philosophy of doing as little or as much as you like always  applies!

Amy Chambers will be available in Vassiliki from 30th April to 9th October

Alexia Dranidi

Alexia dranidi

After many years of practicing yoga and developing a profound interest in alternative therapies and the numerous physical and psychological benefits of yoga, Alexia pursued her aspirations and qualified as a 200hr Yoga Alliance teacher and as a therapeutic Thai massage therapist. She is a firm believer that rediscovering that connection between the body and the mind is the key to overcoming any obstacle in life and living it to its full potential.

Her teaching style is a personal mix of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa techniques, aimed at empowering individuality whilst synchronising breath awareness with correct posture alignment in order to create a harmonious flow of movement and a stillness of the mind. She also teaches Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and meditation and her Thai massage incorporates elements from yoga, meditation and breath awareness so as to release tension and truly experience a deep state of relaxation.

Alexia feels she is honoured to have the privilege of sharing with her students what she has learnt and to help them realise a deeper awareness and connection to themselves and the world around them. Her classes are a celebration of life and an opportunity to love, breath, live, laugh and shine both on and off the mat! Let your breath inspire you!

Alexia Dranidi will be available in Syvota from 1st May to 31st July and in Vassiliki from 31st July to 17th August.

Learn more about the activities at our Syvota centre

Evy Ferraro

Evy ferraro

From training as a professional dancer, Evy practiced pilates regularly with her mother Georgie Ferraro, a well respected teacher trainer in the UK. She was always fascinated by the mechanics of the body, but It wasn’t until she developed a serious back injury that she left the performing world and decided study Dance Science at university. Evy then went on to study Pilates further and trained with Alison Salmond at the STOTT teacher training academy at Central YMCA London, where she became a fully qualified STOTT Pilates matwork teacher. She also did her (QCF) Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates (Level 3 CYQ), and studied Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology at Level 3. Evy has also completed STOTT Pre & Post natal Pilates, various small equipment workshops as well as a Reformer 1 qualification with Body Control Pilates.

Evy has been running her own pilates business in London for the last 4 years, teaching at various Physiotherapy clinics and at some of the top yoga and pilates studios in London working with a broad range of clients, many with complex injuries and postural issues. Always eager to learn and further her knowledge, she spent the winter qualifying as a Vinyasa Flow and Yin Fascial Yoga teacher in India, alongside completing a Level 3 Diploma in massage and Deep tissue massage therapy at the London School of Massage.

After coming out to Vassiliki last year, Evy simply fell in love with the Greek way of life and the team at Healthy Options, so much so that she decided to leave city life behind to enjoy this beautiful place for the whole season!

Evy Ferraro will be available in Vassiliki from 1st May to 17th August and then 31st August to 9th October.

Jacquie O'Sullivan

Jacquie o sullivan

I completed my first teacher training in India at The Sivananda Ashram over 15 years ago. I continued with my learning over the years completing teacher training with the Prana Yoga College 7 years ago and recently completed a two-year teacher training with Yogacampus (The Life Center) in which I earned a distinction. I am always learning and will always be a yoga student and have recently qualified as a Relax and Renew restorative teacher with Judith Lasater.

I am so passionate about yoga and I hope that comes across in my teaching. I teach a variety of styles from Gentle Hatha Flow, Vinyasa flow and also Dynamic Flow. I emphasize the importance of breath and that the breath is the bridge between mind and body, I believe without the connection to the breath we are simply doing a set of exercises and reap none of the amazing benefits of yoga. It’s a real joy to see students in “the flow” connecting movement to breath and finding stillness, space and meditation in their yoga practice. I like to combine creative sequencing with a few well chosen nuggets of philosophy. I hope students step off the mat feeling, refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Currently I teach at Save The Children (Leicester Square) (in-house yoga teacher), Take Five Studio (Soho), Yotopia (the beautiful dedicated yoga space in Covent Garden), the YMCA Central (Tottenham Court Road), Nuffield Health, Bannatynes and also have private clients.

Jacquie O'Sullivan will be available in Vassiliki from 31st July to 11th September

Marina Sossi

Marina sossi

Marina is a fully qualified Yoga teacher and artist based in London. She has taught Yoga classes, workshops and retreats all over the world. She also teaches creative workshops and is a holistic coach for athletes.

Marina trained for 3 years with the British Wheel of Yoga under the guidance of Derek Thorne; spiritual teacher and founder of Yoga Living and is a Registered Exercise Professional (advanced level 3)  As a work scholar at Esalen Institute, California she studied Buddhism with Noah Levine and Relational Gestalt practice with Dorothy Charles. Marina is also a qualified Thai masseur.

Marina teaches Hatha Yoga incorporating Asana (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing), Meditation (Moving/Walking/Sitting) and Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation). Yoga with Marina is accessible for every body; focusing on simple methods to incorporate Yoga practice into everyday life and help students become strong, flexible and relaxed.

Marina has a unique and modern approach to the ancient practices of Yoga, and is deeply committed to connect with and draw out the full potential of her students. She is dedicated to a creative, spiritual life; teaching yoga and making powerful, transformative artworks and experiences.

“Yoga is a discipline to develop awareness in all aspects of the human experience in order that we become harmonious, happy, healthy beings . By engaging in a more intimate relationship with body, breath and emotions we are able better able to manage life’s challenges and break free from unhealthy patterns of behaviour.”

Marina will be available in Syvota from 15th May to 25th June and in Vassiliki from 17th August to 7th September.

Holly Anne Pearn

Holly anne pearn 1

I am new to healthy options holidays this summer and very excited to meet all the lovely guests and share the fantastic experience we have to offer!

I am a real foodie, passionate about health, well being and adore the outdoors. I specialise in teaching Pilates, my training with ‘Modern Pilates’ founder Cherry Baker, assisting in rehabilitation programmes and continual work in a Physiotherapy practice has provided me with clinical knowledge and experience which I use to combine with my relaxed approach to sessions. If you’re brand new to Pilates or have years of experience I hope to enhance your learning helping you to achieve a more aligned body and mind.

We want to take advantage of all the facilities healthy options has to offer and will be taking some sessions to the water for pool Pilates! Whether you’ve over worked your body or simply want to escape and relax, I will be on hand to provide deep tissue and sports massage treatments throughout your stay. I also hold a Gym Instructor level 2 and a Nutritional diploma for any extra advice or tips you may need!

Holly will be available in Syvota from 8th May onwards and in Vassiliki between the 3rd and 31st of July.

Joanna Jeczalik

Joanna jeczalik

Joanna Jeczalik has studied yoga for over 19 years, and teaches in Oxford and London.

She qualified with the Life Centre in London, and has the British Wheel of Yoga Accredited Teaching Diploma.

Joanna teaches hatha yoga in a gentle, flowing style, which is accessible and nourishing. Her classes combine yoga poses, breathing, meditation and yoga nidra for a relaxing and rejuvenating practice.

She has qualified with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and integrates mindfulness techniques into her yoga classes.

She is particularly interested in the benefits of yoga for chronic fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression, and is currently writing a book on ‘Yoga for Chronic Fatigue’.

Joanna Jeczalik will be available in Vassiliki from 1st May to 17th July

Adam Kay

Adam kay

I have always played some sort of sport…from football & tennis to Thai boxing & cycling so I decided to turn my passion into a career by training to become a personal trainer.

I will use my education and experience to give you fun, informative and effective exercise sessions during your stay with Healthy Options.

My goal is to help you to improve your fitness (whatever level you are) and enhance your knowledge so you leave feeling confident to continue your fitness journey and stay motivated with varied classes and activites!

Adam Kay will be available in Syvota from 25th April to 3rd July and 4th September to 9th October

Georgie Ferraro

Georgie ferraro

Georgie has been teaching Pilates for more than 16 years. She is fully qualified through the Pilates Foundation and is on the Register of Exercise Professionals as a level 3 instructor. Her background is in Psychology (BA hons/M.A.) and in therapeutic work with children and adults. She has training in counselling skills and is currently undergoing training in personal coaching and goal setting.

With Pilates as her foundation, Georgie has gone on to study and incorporate: Gryokinesis (Julio Horvath) Franklin Method (Eric Franklin) Hanna Somatics (Thomas Hanna) Georgie personally practices both Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais so they both also inform her work.

From this journey, Georgie has developed her own unique approach to teaching mind-body movement. The result is a successful fusion of techniques including the use of pilates exercises, experiential anatomy, dynamic alignment using imagery and improvisation and muscle release via ball rolling and pandiculation. She also teaches breathing and constructive rest as a daily essential practice.

DISCOVER THE JOY OF PAIN FREE LIVING Georgie offers you the chance to begin a dialogue with your body. Tension is the body’s enemy and is responsible for much of the pain we experience. Developing awareness of your movement and learning to relax tight muscles disperses tension and restores function. Georgie’s approach is both restorative and energising and can be described as a true body-mindfulness practice. Georgie currently lives and works in London and runs her own private practice. She teaches individuals, groups and corporate clients. She also offers regular workshops for Pilates teachers, continuing professional development and guest lectures on Pilates teacher training courses.

Georgie Ferraro will be available in Vassiliki from 17th August to 31st August

Michael Kay

Michael kay

Michael came to yoga 9 years ago, initially as a more stimulating and integrative form of stretching, which he used to counterbalance and develop his rock climbing and other sports. Over the years since, having suffered a number of minor injuries and being desk bound for most of the week, he has experienced the value of yoga for addressing and preventing physical issues as well as the mental benefits of a consistent practice.

Michael teaches vinyasa flow and restorative flow yoga offering interesting sequences that remain accessible yet challenging, with an emphasis on synchronisation of movement with breath and doing what is appropriate for your physical, mental, and energetic body. He believes in an individual experience and facilitating a compassionate practice, that has a suitable level of challenge for each student. His classes aim to give a little bit of space, a chance to pause and just be yourself for the duration of the class, whilst having a bit of fun - all in all, to leave the class both energised and relaxed, ready for the world.

Michael Kay will be available in Vassiliki from 1st May to 19th June

Melanie Skinner

Melanie skinner 1

Melanie Skinner began her 200hr yoga teacher training with Laura Gilmore at Bristol City Yoga in September 2013 and has never looked back! Due to complete her 500hr teacher training at the end of 2015, in under 2 years Melanie has also completed her level 1 iRest teacher-in-training, restorative yoga teacher training, and vinyasa flow. Believing firmly in the power of movement and breath to heal, Melanie believes we are our own inner teachers, and as a yoga teacher, aims to help others find their own path to peace.

Melanie Skinner will be available in Vassiliki from 7th September to 19th October

Sarah Brown

Sarah brown 1

As the Healthy Options Rep for 2016 my mission is to ensure that you have the best possible holiday with us in Vassiliki. I will be on hand to happily answer any queries you may have, smooth out any concerns and to take on board your individual requirements to help you get the most out of your time with us in every way I can. Equally, if you just need someone to listen, or a shoulder to cry on, I’m all ears- a problem shared is a problem halved!

I fell in love with Vassiliki in 2008 when I was fortunate enough to spend the season working as part of the Club Vass Hotel team, alongside Amy during my year out from University. I’d heard a lot of rave reviews about Vassiliki from fellow windsurfers and I was not disappointed! I have wonderful memories of my six months spent in this beautiful, special place and I am so excited to be returning this season as part of the Healthy Options team.

Working long hours as a vet in my home town of Edinburgh, I can empathise with those of you who want to escape life’s daily stresses, unwind and recharge. From distance running and football, to windsurfing and yoga, it’s safe to say health and fitness is a huge part of my life. I have a good understanding of the positive impact of physical activity on mental wellbeing and am really looking forward to working alongside such an amazingly talented group of instructors to bring you the ultimate Healthy Options experience.

All that’s left to say is I look forward to welcoming you to Vass and I have no doubt you will have an unforgettable time with us.

Sarah Brown will be available in Vassiliki from 1st May to 31st July

Eleanor Crossland

Eleanor crossland

I'm Ele, and I fell in love with Vassiliki last year when I came out last May by myself. I made a sound group of friends who I came back with last September, and a year later I'm now I back to join the team. I love the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, cakes and baking, and am looking for a different way of life from my previous job in front of a laptop. I'm training to be a Body Control Pilates teacher, and also do facials. Always ready for a chat and a hug.

Eleanor Crossland will be available in Vassiliki from 20th July to 9th October

Gail Lummis

Gail lummis

After spending several holidays over the past three years at Healthy Options in Vassiliki, I was delighted Simon invited me to return this year and offer Health Screening and nutrition advice to clients.

What is health screening and how did I get into it?
After working in the City for nearly 20 years, the lifestyle took its toll on my health and I was offered surgery and medication for life. I declined as the thought of being cut open scared me to death! As an alternative, I had a health screening and it was life changing in as far as it told me what my body struggled with and what my body needed to return to optimum health.
For the past 15 years, I have run my own private practice in the UK and train doctors and practitioners in Europe on the BioScan SRT (Stress Related Therapy). The BioScan works like an ECG and is completely non-invasive, i.e. no needles or blood tests! It can highlight digestive or hormonal imbalances and environmental or food sensitivities which in turn, can cause weight problems, initiate cravings (chocolate, sugar, salt) affect moods and emotions.

Symptoms such as IBS, lack of energy, poor sleep, skin conditions such as eczema / acne, headaches and migraines can be rebalanced.

I will be in Vassiliki for only a short period of time this May so appointments are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis at a reduced introductory price. Let me know if you would like to book a screening and I will be happy to help you on your road to optimum health.

Gail Lummis will be available in Vassiliki from 1st May to 18th May

Julia Atenbring

Julia atenbring

Since discovering Kundalini Yoga, my life has transformed before my eyes. Not only has it given me a strong healthy body and a relaxed and balanced mind, but it has helped me to find true happiness inside.

I knew it was something extraordinary after my very first class, as it made me feel amazing inside and out. Within a few months of practising every day, I realised it was the most important thing in my life and that I had to become a teacher. I qualified in 2012 (RYT200) and founded ‘Yoga Loveliness’, where I share this magical practice with people all over South Devon in group classes, workshops, private sessions and in the workplace.

I teach my own fusion of Yin Yoga with Mindfulness and Yang Yoga with dynamic Kundalini Yoga influences. Incorporating Mindfulness into the practice, I guide my students on a journey through their bodies and minds encouraging them to stay present. I believe the present moment is key to happiness and yoga helps us to experience the here and now through awareness of our bodies and minds.

Every class is a new experience, where you will stretch and strengthen your body, energise and awaken your mind and become truly, deeply relaxed.

Yoga Nidra is an integral part of my teaching and I am also a Reiki practitioner, which is the perfect compliment to Kundalini yoga as it encourages the free-flow of energy through the body to promote optimum health and well-being.

I look forward to sharing all this loveliness with you in beautiful Greece!

Julia Atenbring will be available in Vassiliki from 8th May to 29th May

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So happy and so chilled - yet energised. Really do not want to go home. - Emma

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